Gary Ross Plans to Keep “Additional Scenes” Off the Hunger Games DVD

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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(A still from one off the scenes cut from the training center sequence, with Amandla and Ethan)

Were you one of the fans clamoring for the deleted scenes on the DVD? Did you really want to see the avox storyline unfold? Hoping to get a glimpse of the other tributes interviews? Well Hunger Games Director, Gary Ross, more then hints at the fact that the DVD may not be as extra packed as we had hoped.

When Hunger Games fan Jenny submitted this question in a fan Q&A for the New York Times his feelings about “deleted scenes” were made more clear:

If you had another half hour of film run time to use — assuming no consequences or complaints for the purposes of this question — is there anything you’d add to this first film? A cutting room floor wish?

To this question he answered:

Honestly no. The movie I put out is the movie that I want, and I wouldn’t add anything to the running time. Equally, I would never make a movie too short just for sake of running time. I think a director should stand behind the cut of their film. I won’t be putting “additional” scenes on the DVD for the same reason. That said, there are a few things that I didn’t have room for in the script just for reasons of a linear narrative. A good example of that is the Avox subplot in the novel. I loved what Suzanne did but couldn’t find a way to get it in the screenplay and it was never shot.

As much as our staff trusts in Gary’s judgement we really hope he comes around and gives us a chance to see some of the pieces left on the cutting room floor. We understand him wanting the films theatrical version to be clear and concise, but would a few DVD extras really hurt anybody?

You can find the rest of his answers to the fans here at Arts Beat from the New York Times.


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