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Victor's Village

This is NOT a drill. Prepare to panic, people! You’re getting two Gary Ross posts in two days but dammit, there’s good reason!

Gary Ross–

Is this.. Are you… Are you breaking up with us?

No. No! NOT REAL! This fandom is about to become your crazy ex-girlfriend that refuses to just let you go without a damn good explanation!

You’ve always seemed like a passionate, down-to-Earth fan. You weren’t some director who was only looking to make The Hunger Games into the next big franchise. You understood its depth and intricacies. You never took the power of the fanbase for granted, either.

While it’s true that the movie was not absolutely perfect, it was one of the best book-to-film adaptations we can name in recent years. Sure, there’s a few points that could have been explained more thoroughly, like the District 12 salute and why Peeta joins up with…

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