#TeamDauntless Street Team Assignment

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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1. This week’s hashtag will be #FaceYourFears. 
     – Tweet, or blog, telling us about your fears or one that you have faced lately. 
     – It can be anything, big or small. Being Dauntless is just having the courage to face what you are afraid of. 

2. Keep spreading the word about the Dauntless links. 
    – Make sure you visit them yourself. There are new things added to the Dauntless tumblr site each day. 
    – Use the hashtags #TeamDauntless, #DauntlessFaction, and #DivergentNation with the links http://bit.ly/dauntlessfaction andhttp://bit.ly/choose_dauntless 

3. Another email will be sent to street team members on Friday. 
   – We have a surprise in store and we need your help with it! 

4. There are some huge giveaways going on now. 
   – You can still enter to win a NOOK with an ebook of INSURGENT
   – Our big giveaway this week was for a Breaking Dawn poster SIGNED by Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and a Mockingjay pinfrom Comic Con! 
   – Remember: You can enter these 2 giveaways each day. 


This week, we are asking members to blog about all-things DAUNTLESS. We have 3 topics to choose from. Post your answers and leave the link to where we can find the post.

Here are your 3 choices:

  • Movie Night: List of movies that would be shown for a Dauntless movie night.
  • List of actors you want to play in the Dauntless faction
  • Dauntless required reading

Use any graphics you would like. They can be found on the various Dauntless posts. Please include links to the two siteshttp://bit.ly/dauntlessfaction and http://bit.ly/choose_dauntless so people can find more information about #DivergentNation. 

This challenge will be open until next Tuesday, April 17th. Make sure you put your link in the linky tool below! 

(Source: Divergent Nation)

  1. Beyond Imagination says:

    Hi, I nominate you for the sunshine blog award 🙂 http://untothehorizon.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/sunshine-blog-award-2/

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