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While everybody waits for the rumors that Gary Ross will not return for Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire the twitterverse has been sharing their opinions about him bowing out of the franchise. 

Check out all the strong reactions from Hunger Games fans on Twitter.

As for myself, I’m still convinced it’s about the money for Gary. Which really disappoints me. 


This is not some kind of sick belated April Fools Day joke.

Gary Ross gave official notice to Summit and Lionsgate earlier this week that he will not be returning to direct Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. While many say the motivation behind this move is based on money some think it’s much more then that. Gary may not have wanted to spend another three to four films following Katniss’s story.

Personally, I feel like it is about money, which kind of annoys me. Apparently the project he’s working on will earn him a better payday then Catching Fire. And the offer from Lionsgate to direct the film was lower then he had expected. So we’re sure it’s not about money(sarcasm intended).

We hope to hear from Lionsgate on the matter soon.

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Most fans are still recovering from the insanity of the first film adaptation in the Hunger Games Trilogy. But now that fans have had a chance to view the film(in my case multiple times) they’re ready for the second film, Catching Fire, to be released.

Gary Ross has let hardly anything slip about his plans for the film, but here’s what he has said:
Ross has some idea of what the next Games will look like. “The arena in the second book is tropical and the arena in [the first] book is forests, so that in and of itself will make for a different wardrobe on the part of the crew,” he explained.
“In terms of the cinematic differences in the way I might shoot the movie, I shot this in a very specific way that’s very different than most franchises are shot, obviously, and that had a lot to do with the urgency of what’s going on and Katniss’ point of view,” he continued. “I have some ideas about how to do ‘Catching Fire’ slightly differently, but I don’t want to share them yet. Not because I’m being evasive, but just because they’re not fully baked. But yes, I think it will look and feel slightly different from the first.”(source: MTV News)

So we want to know how you think Gary Ross will make the arena look. Should he stick with the same shooting style, or does this film call for another approach? Let us know in the comments!