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1. This week’s hashtag will be #FaceYourFears. 
     – Tweet, or blog, telling us about your fears or one that you have faced lately. 
     – It can be anything, big or small. Being Dauntless is just having the courage to face what you are afraid of. 

2. Keep spreading the word about the Dauntless links. 
    – Make sure you visit them yourself. There are new things added to the Dauntless tumblr site each day. 
    – Use the hashtags #TeamDauntless, #DauntlessFaction, and #DivergentNation with the links and 

3. Another email will be sent to street team members on Friday. 
   – We have a surprise in store and we need your help with it! 

4. There are some huge giveaways going on now. 
   – You can still enter to win a NOOK with an ebook of INSURGENT
   – Our big giveaway this week was for a Breaking Dawn poster SIGNED by Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and a Mockingjay pinfrom Comic Con! 
   – Remember: You can enter these 2 giveaways each day. 


This week, we are asking members to blog about all-things DAUNTLESS. We have 3 topics to choose from. Post your answers and leave the link to where we can find the post.

Here are your 3 choices:

  • Movie Night: List of movies that would be shown for a Dauntless movie night.
  • List of actors you want to play in the Dauntless faction
  • Dauntless required reading

Use any graphics you would like. They can be found on the various Dauntless posts. Please include links to the two sites and so people can find more information about #DivergentNation. 

This challenge will be open until next Tuesday, April 17th. Make sure you put your link in the linky tool below! 

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Hey Divergent fans! Do you want to join the bravest faction of them all? If so, now is the time! We are recruiting members to be part of our faction and help spread the word about Team Dauntless. 

What is Team Dauntless?

The Dauntless are brave, courageous, determined, and strong. They are not afraid to jump into battle and take risks. Tris took a risk by joining the Dauntless faction and she soon faced her fears and became one of the strongest members. Four also knew that the Dauntless faction was where he belonged. Do you want to find your inner strength? This is where you need to be!

What does the Street Team do?

The street team is a vital part of the faction. Members will be helping us spread the word about the Dauntless faction and about Divergent Nation. You can tweet, facebook, blog, etc. about the team and the events going on. There are several giveaways (a new one each day) so re-tweeting and using the hashtags #TeamDauntless,#DauntlessFaction and #DivergentNation with the link will be important. We will also be posting new assignments each week. I will email those to members as they are available. So, are you up for the challenge? 

What do Street Team members get?

Street Team members will have special buttons and badges they can place on their blogs. If you’d like, please also post them as your avatar, facebook image, or anywhere else you see fit. We have several images that can be posted on Pinterest as well. If you do post images and want to know where to link it to, please use . In addition, street team members will be signed up to win a copy of INSURGENT. This will be open internationally! And, each week we will be featuring the brave members who sign up for our faction. The sign up form has a question “Why do you want to join the Dauntless faction?” and we will feature those answers in a weekly post on the team members’ blogs. Please include your blog URL/name so we can link to your page. If you do not have a blog, please link your twitter or facebook URL and we will link that.
How do I sign up?

Just fill out the form on one of the blogs listed below! They also have banners you can put on your own webpages!

Please remember!

  • We will be posting new assignments regularly. Those assignments will be emailed to you. 
  • Please use the hash tags #TeamDauntless#Dauntlessfaction, and #DivergentNation with the link
  • Remember to grab a button/badge for your blog and/or avatars! 
  • Keep an eye out for new giveaways that will be posted each day. 
  • You will be featured in a Street Team post with your answer from the sign up form.
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