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Hunger Games: The Musical

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Hunger Games has already swept through movie theaters. Now it’s coming to Broadway!
Created by Kate Broseph on Youtube

We feel like proud parents! It’s rare that any film holds the top spot for more then one week. The Hunger Games has been holding on tight for four straight weeks. To commemorate this victory Lionsgate has aired a new TV spot, clearly proud of their little franchise that could. They we’re able to beat out giants like the Titanic and the Three Stooge. We can only hope that the odds stay in this films favor.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner deserves more love. It’s one of those stories that keeps you up at night just trying to finish it. Then when you do finish the book it stays in your head and burrows inside you’re brain, making sure you keep thinking over every plot twist. Not since the Hunger Games has a book kept me on the edge of chair. I’ve actually been blowing off some of my blogging duties just to finish the second book, Scorch Trials. If you need anymore convincing, check out this super intense book trailer.

Poor Caesar, with all the tributes and victors gone he has nobody else to interview. Posted by joeheg14 on Youtube!

By DanielSuarez324 on Youtube. It’s I’m Sexy and I Know It, Hunger Games style.